Walking In The Rain, happened the following day of one the worst and best days of my life, see i was dying that night before I wrote it, most everyday up till that night I wanted to die, due to mass depression, and i drank and drank and drank, next thing I knew I had drank myself to the brink of death, I felt like I had just had enough, I was a lost soul, I did not care anymore, i could not see through the clouds, and so i went to the beach and on my hands and knees to die, the sound of the water and the waves, the mist of Mother Nature touched my skin and everything flashed in front of my intoxicated mind and I realized that moment of how many people i would hurt and that i didn't want to hurt anyone, including myself anymore, and i suddenly did not want to go out like this so I prayed to live! I Invited The Light In! I'm great full for My Bellah Moon being in my life, I wrote this song for Her!


"Walking In The Rain"
vs 1
I was walking
Out in the rain
Thinking of you
How much you mean to me...Yea
N How much i mean to you
The rain pours down my face
I'm so happy to say
I was thinking of you
In the rain
vs 2
You and I
Make one its true
Our love is one between me and you
I never meant to make you cry
Sometimes i'm a mess
N i don't know why
I say some things
That hurt you so
I never meant to make you cry
Thinking of You
In the rain
I see the colours
In the rain
As the grey clouds blow in
I'm never going to let you go
Unless You tell me so
Our Love
It's in the Rain
In the sunshine and in the air
I was thinking of You
Walking in the Rain