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Stop The Killing

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Stop The Killing is written and recorded by Reggie Storm, early 2019.
" Although I thought the song was lost and tried to recreate it a few different times over the year, It never sounded right. Grateful for it to reveal itself once again. Now more then ever it must be heard" R'N'R Reggie Storm


Stop the killing
Stop Stop the bullying
We all got ourselves a Different opinion

Stop the killing
Learn to be Chilling
If Not
I'll see You on the Other side

Don't be that bully that
breaks other People down

It's an Injustice
If You don't Embrace Your life
oppression & murder
You know it Ain't right

Stop the killing Stop Stop The bullying
Stop the bombs Stop the bullets
Do Whats Right
Stop the killing murder ain't right
Don't Take A Life

Stop the killing Don't be that Villain